Meet Jezzy + Mike 

Hey #plantfam we would like to welcome you to our blog. We both met for the first time at Mike's music video, he had a song called JUGO that he was filming for. I was asked to be his love interest in the video. During the shoot we chatted about Chicano rap andHe asked me to be come to his gig the next weekend. We danced the night away in the DJ booth and the rest is history.

This has always been a dream of ours to accomplish since we went Vegan together in 2018. In our 2 years being Vegan it has really changed our lives for the better. Our relationship is stronger than ever and we have a lifestyle that is full of compassion. It wasn't easy to start this journey and we definitely had to really educate ourselves on what nutrition really means. You can be Vegan by just eating bags of chips and candy, but that wasn't who we wanted to be. We started by just eating tacos and plantain chips. That was literally are diet for the first 3 months. Then we met other Vegans in the community through local events. They inspired us to try raw vegan and a true whole food plant-based diet. Since then we have never looked back. Now we strive to be a positive example for people that are Veg-curious and barely starting their journey towards Veganism. We will do that by our cooking videos on Youtube and inspiring others on our Instagram stories. We look forward to connecting with you and hearing about your journey as well. 

"Eat good, love better." 









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